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9 West Avenue, Boston Spa, Wetherby, Leeds, LS23 6EJ
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Angela Zajac RSHom homeopathy

I am a registered and experienced homeopath in Leeds 8 and Boston Spa, Wetherby, which is near Leeds, Harrogate and York. I have been in practice since 1990 and have been teaching homeopathy since 1995.

Homeopathy is a gentle yet powerful system of medicine which I have found beneficial for people with a whole range of conditions, both acute and chronic.

Homeopathy can rebalance the emotions at times of stress e.g. bereavement, shocks, examinations, life changes etc.

People who have had successful homeopathic treatment find that their body is more balanced and have a greater sense of stability and purpose in life.

For an appointment or further information tel. 07734 279825

What patients say:

'I became genuinely interested in homeopathy when my daughter suffered as a baby, and have been using it regularly for the past seven years. The effects have been amazing.'
'I feel really grateful to Angela and my First-Aid kit for empowering me with the reassurance that there is a gentle and effective system available to help with the many minor emergencies that occur in a young family.'
'I am delighted with the improvement in my emotional and psychological well-being.'
'I like to describe it as 'coming home to myself'; feeling more balanced and whole amid the conflicting demands of work and family.'
'But best of all, the effects were noticeable without any effort on my part.'
'This was no quick fix but Angela has a caring and sensitive approach, and her remedies are gentle and extremely effective.'
'I've always been interested in complementary medicine and various therapies have come and gone in my life, but homeopathy is here to stay. I'm just pleased I overcame my initial scepticism and gave it a chance.'

The following statements from patients do not represent evidence that homeopathy works, but are the personal opinion of people I have treated. I am not allowed by the Advertising Standards Authority to imply that homeopathic treatment can help any specific medical conditions. I would like to make it clear that these statements are not meant to imply that a particular homeopathic remedy can cure a specific medical condition. This is not how I believe that homeopathy works. You may however note from these unedited comments that people who have been diagnosed with a wide range of medical conditions have reported that they have experienced an apparent benefit from homeopathy.