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About Me

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Since you are reading this page, you are probably already interested in how homeopathy can help you to gain health and well-being. You will want to know more about me before you pick up the phone and make an appointment!

The first thing you need to know is I love homeopathy! When I first discovered it I was so fascinated that I did some short courses. This inspired me to do a four year professional training course in 1986 at the North West and Manchester Colleges of Homeopathy and I have been in practice ever since. For the last 12 years I have also taught homeopathy to beginners and I give lectures and train students to become professional homeopaths, at several recognised colleges. I have also published some papers in 'The Homeopath' and 'Homeopathic Links'. Watch out for news on homeopathic first aid courses on this site.

I also do volunteer work for a charity called the Travelling Homeopaths Collective ( which gives free acute treatment at major festivals

I first became interested in homeopathy in the early 1980s when I became ill with kidney problems and post viral fatigue. Orthodox treatment was unsuccessful but homeopathy had dramatic effects. Since then I have enjoyed good health. I go to my homeopath now occasionally for constitutional treatment and this maintains my health level so that I am able to enjoy life and give my clients the very best standard of treatment.

When I left university, I started off as a research scientist working in a team looking into heart disease and other degenerative diseases. I then moved into health education where I taught adults and children. That is when I discovered homeopathy.

Practicing homeopathy and having homeopathic treatment has literally changed the life of myself, my family and my patients. Let me help you to change yours.

I practice homeopathy in Boston Spa, Wetherby, which is near Leeds, Harrogate and York.